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Customer Comments, Product Reviews and Designs

The following are pictures of  Martial Arts Belt Display Rack  designs that we have created for customers and feedback from those Customers about our products and there shopping experience.

 We were very disappointed to receive our belt display damaged in shipping, I called and was told a new design would be sent and to keep all packaging. Our new design was sent in 10 Days at no additional cost and we are very happy with the excellent customer service we received. GOOD TO KNOW AMERICAN MADE IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL.  V. Darvivian.

Hi Kendra, Received the belt rack yesterday and it is really amazing!! Thank you to you and your staff for making these amazing  belt racks. My son is really going to flip when he opens it on Christmas Day!! Happy Holidays to you and yours. V Hoyle

Kendra, We got them today and everything was great. My sons face was priceless. We will recommend you to our friends in Martial Arts. J. Zampino

Kendra,  The belt displays arrived today!!I am happy to say they are nothing short of stunning!!!! My 14 year old son was speechless(that doesn't happen very often)Thank you again T. Nordland (NORWAY)

I received all 3 displays.  I couldn't be happier with the items. I'll be sure to share your company info with friends and families at our Tae Kwon Do. Jennifer S.

Hi there, just opened this today as it was my sons birthday, it looks absolutely wonderful!!  A. Finlayson

Thanks so much, you guys are awesome!!  Tracey S.

Thank you for your patience and helpfulness! I'll certainly  recommend you to my fellow martial artists.  K. Webbster

I am a new karate mom and want to thank you for being so patient and helping me get this done for my son, your product is beautiful and the most impressive out there. This is the best Christmas gift I could get for my son.   B. Link

I purchased a pagoda plaque for a client with his Business logo and Dojo name on it when I gave it to him  he almost cried!  What a great gift!  G. Haley

Hi Kendra, Just recieved the belt holder, Jerico loved it! Thanks!!

BEAUTIFUL!!! Now all four designs look Fantastic.

Kendra, that looks amazing. Thanks for all your patience with the design changes. Adam

 As you probably already know you have the best looking products out there! I'm very excited to have done this for my son. R. Lopez

I purchased a wooden display for my son and he refuses to use it. I am sending it back and I'm going to let him custom design his own from your website. Marylee B.

WOW...Just wow. I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am with these belt displays. R. Restucci

Oh John and Kendra how BEAUTIFUL!!It is breath taking, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!    N. Jvolkoff

Kendra, we received the belt holder today however it was damaged during shipping. I have attached photos. Your husbands work is beautiful, even damaged, everyone's jaw dropped. G. Hildebrand

 (we remade the order and shipped within the week below was her response to us)

It looks beautiful! This is going to make a perfect birthday gift. Thank you so much!   G. Hildebrand

Truely the best belt display as you advertised. I wish I could send back the two wood displays I bought that keep falling apart.   A. Haro

Great communication and designs. Very happy!   C. Morello

No hassle, easy transaction! Thanks for the quick turn around!!  R. Mano

Stellar design. Thanks for your quick design and getting it shipped.  B. Linder

Exactly as described! Your belt displays are really the best on the planet, compared to all the other displays I looked at online.  B. Bush

They look great!!!   D. Jasper

That's great!! My daughter will love it.   M. Khan

Thanks again Kendra for everything, including jumping through hoops for me in order for the kids to have this special gift presented to them at their engagement party.    J. Coffman

Perfect!!Love It!! Thank you and I love all your other stuff too!!  S. Brewer

The belt holder arrived today (just in time for the graduation tonight) and they are gorgeous!!   B. Carvell

Thanks so much for your great response time!!You were recommended by another students parents and rest assured I will do the same to others.     J. East

Both boys are very happy!! Thanks S. Flores

This is perfect. Thanks  G. Azulay

Looks great! G. Marchard

John, We received the belt holder but it has some damage to it. Please advise me what we can do to resolve this! J. Kheylik

That's fantastic!! Thanks for getting back to me and taking care of this issue so quickly. J. Kheylik

Awesome product. Thanks for the custom design. There are 8 other black belts that want a display like the one you did for me!! C. Lohman 

My son and I have discussed colors and we want one to be hand polished steel and the other in brushed finish. The templates look great!!    H. Wedderburn

We love it! Thanks  C. Graham

Got it! It looks AWSOME thanks so much, Thanks    Lauren D.

It arrived on Friday and he loved it, Thanks for everything    S.C.

I love them them  !!!!!    C. Felizarte

You guys are awesome, that display looks incredible with Austin's belts on medals on his wall. Great job!!  M. Andrews


                       The following Pictures are of customer designs,


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